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2 Page-One Awards (from the New York Newspaper Guild), for work in Fortune Magazine  and Sports Illustrated.

Nominated 3 times for Cartoonist-of-the-Year by the National Cartoonists Society (illustration category).

Desi Award of Excellence (Graphic Design  Magazine).

20 Award of Merit citations from the Society of Illustrators.

One-man show, Society of Illustrators.

Chairman, Illustrators 22 - annual national exhibition for the Society of Illustrators.

Alumni Achievement Award 2007 (McCallie School)



Time Magazine (6), Sports Illustrated  (2), Business Week (12), Forbes, Saturday Review, New York Times Sunday Magazine, The New Republic, Family Weekly, Madison Avenue, New York Daily News Sunday Magazine (2), Junior Scholastic, ACLU,

The Nation , and more...



BA, University of Alabama. Attended Pratt Graphic Center and The Art Students League, New York City.



The Dispensible Man (M. Evans and Co.) and The Bald Book (M. Evans and Co.)



White Is (Grove Press), The Begatting of a President (Ballantine Books), The Biggest Sneeze (Harper-Collins), H. Phillip Birdsong?s ESP (Young Scott Books), Kids? Letters to President Reagan (M. Evans), The World?s Greatest  Left-Handers (M. Evans), Does My Room Come Alive at Night  (HarperCollins), The Man With Big Ears (HarperCollins), Jake Snake?s Race (HarperCollins), and more...



On staff  at The News and Obsever  in Raleigh, NC and syndicated during the early 70?s.

Today, syndicated in 750 publications 3-times a week with Cagle Cartoons.



Allied Artists of America, Slamagundi Club, Phillips Mill Annual (honorable mention), New Hope Shad Festival (grand Prize), Hunter Museum in Chattanooga ( one -man career retrospective), Santa Fe public library (one--man), Rosenfeld Gallery (Philadelphia),

Potter?s House (DC), 7 A Gallery (NYC), P.A.C.A. Gallery ( one-man, NYC), Phebe?s Gallery (NYC, one-man), Princeton Art Association, 4-Corners Gallery (NJ), Rockbridge (VA) County Fair (2 second places and a third place in oil painting), and more.

Opened Huffaker Gallery in Santa Fe, NM during 1991.



"Sandy is one of the heavies in cartooning in America...his stuff can be devastating. His understanding of politics is amazing."

            Eric Seidman, New York Times Art Director


"If laughter grew hair, this book would be a miracle cure." (The Bald Book)

            People Magazine


"Huffaker is an extraordinary artist. The soft gray shadows of his work hold a bizarre, blasphemous message: The world makes more sense when you look at it cockeyed."

            David Zucchino,   The News and Observer


"We can scan our great concentrations of American humor in our avowed humor magazines, from the old Life, Puck and Judge to The New Yorker, but a similar review of our mutitudinous newspaper comic strips through the years will leave a different taste. We can jump from Alajalov to Dick Tracy, from Charles Dana Gibson to Horrible Hagar. We can sweep from The Katzenjammer Kids to Walt Disney, from The Wonder Clock to Krazy Kat and Donald Duck, and from Palmer Cox and Peter Newel to Al Hirschfeld,

Sandy Huffaker, David Levine, Carol Anthony and R. Crumb, without straying beyond the bounds of American humor. In fact, what are its bounds"

            Henry Pitz, 200 Years of American Illustration


"Sandy Huffaker achieved star status as an illustrator/cartoonist. His works include six covers for Time Magazine, two covers fo Sports Illustrated, and twelve covers for Business Week. Huffaker combines a biting humor with an uncanny ability to deoict a personality or strike a note of political truth.

            In the latter 1960?s, as a young, syndicated political cartoon ist for the News and Observer in north Carolina, Huffaker, almost singlehandedly, championed liberal causes and anti-war convictiions in a conservative environment. His sports cartoons for Sports Illustrated brought sports cartooning to a new level, synthesizing humorous portraits into amazingly intricate designs.

            Recently, Huffaker has turned his talents to painting, His wit, social conscience, and great technical skill are still there, along with a humanism that is sincere but not sentimental, His paintings of Haiti are telling portraits of troubled people in a troubled land. This is outstanding art by a very serious and special artist."

            Gallery Guide Magazine (Art now/New York)



            Lou Silverstein, Vice-President, The New York Times


"Huffaker's cartoons are unique. In a profession where most editorial cartoonists go for soft, funny gags, Huffaker goes for the throat. His hard hitting cartoons are tempred by his exceptional drawing ability, honed by a long career as a fine artist and as a cartoonist for America's top magazines. His work was great influence on me and on a generation of cartoonists."

Daryl Cagle, President of Cagle Cartoons Syndicate


"Sandy Huffaker?s bitingly humorous and wittily hard-hitting cartoons in the Raleigh News and observer are exceptionally well known in North Carolina."

            Walter Spearman, TheChapel Hill Weekly

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